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Elevate: my stepping stone to the tech world

By Alika Nileshwar, LBS Elevate Class of 2020

Prior to London Business School, I was at Deloitte in Washington D.C., where I consulted for U.S. government clients. I had a wide range of roles, from strategist to data analyst, and in my last project, I served as a product manager to launch a new internal platform within Deloitte. I loved being a product manager. The opportunity to work with designers, engineers and a multitude of other stakeholders, to serve as the voice of the customer as I translated user interviews into tangible features, and to create the vision for a product that thousands of people would use daily, excited me. However, because it was my first experience in tech, I struggled at times to communicate with engineers and understand the more technical aspects of the tool.

Coming to LBS, I sought more opportunities like this to continue learning, but it wasn’t until joining Elevate did I feel like there was a dedicated path to learn tech at the school. Over the past five months, Elevate has opened my eyes to the world of tech. Sessions like SQL, “Learning the Stack,” and “Tech for Non-Techies,” have taught me more about dealing with the technical aspects of product and exposed me to valuable skills that I can use in my next role. Meeting leaders and mentors in tech companies across London, like Just Eat, Cloudflare, Depop and Amazon, has inspired me and taught me about the wide-range of opportunities available in the industry. Though I’m still looking for my next role, thanks to Elevate I feel so much more confident to pivot into tech with the skills and insights I have gained.

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